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Rangers Promo Codes Offers Start Shopping at m More Information We encourage you to read our updated privacy policy and cookie policy X do not click me or you'll be permabanned. Pole Direction The direction the wagons face on the railroad cars. Lot The show grounds. A show booking as little as 25 passenger tickets could get a free baggage car from the railroad line. A few minutes into the show, any remaining reserved seats would be offered again to the crowd in case general-admission ticketholders developed an urge to sit closer. Catcher The member of a trapeze act who catches the flyer after he has released himself from the bar in a flying return act. An older act, revived in the 1930s by a performer named The Great Fussner. The holes that poles fit into are grommets, made of rope, covered with canvas. See also "German Wheel" Day and Date When two circuses are in the same town simultaneously.

Quarter Poles Poles which help support the weight of the canvas and take up the slack between center and side poles. Gypsies, slang Main Index, about Us, website Top Page. A flashy parade around the inside of the big top. After Jumbo's death, Barnum stuffed him and continued to exhibit him, then donated him to Tufts University. Character Clown A clown who dresses in a character costume, often a tramp, but sometimes a policeman, fireman, etc.

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The elephant's popularity drove the word "jumbo" into general use. Called a tiger medical promo code 'lunge' when the rope is fixed to the center of the ring and keeps the performer from falling outward. Caring Clown Not a traditional circus term. Kiester A w ardrobe trunk, or a pitchman's display case. Western Arts Performing skills suitable for wild-west shows: trick rope spinning, knife throwing, whip tricks, tomahawk/hatchet throwing, sharp shooting, pistol quick draw and spinning, etc. The practicing performer wears a harness attached to a rope that hangs above the middle of the ring. John Robinson A signal to cut or shorten an act, or to give a very short show altogether. They were often too small to support large animals, and their animal acts might amount to as little as a trained dog and pony. Ropes are sewn to the canvas each side of a leather pad and they pass throgh the holes to pull up the pole and secure. Candy apples didn't go in until the last couple of acts.

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