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receipt of mails Filing of letters Reasons for filing. To provide palio's pizza carrollton coupon you a better service and protect the security of our website, we will check all the access requests. Week 5 first continous assessment test week 6 skills FOR resolving inter-communal conflicts week 7 MID-term break week 8 traffic regulation The meaning of traffic regulations Examples or types of traffic regulations. Business functions/departments second term SS3 scheme OF work commerce Hire Purchase and differed payment Features, advantages and disadvantages Law of contract of employment Method/conditions for termination of contract. WK 8: Continuation WK 9: Exam/Revision WK 10: Exam/ Revision JSS 1 second term Fine Art (Dyeing and Bleaching) WK 1: Introduction to local craft WK 2: Continuation WK 3: Weaving WK 4: Tie and dye and Batik materials. WK 7: Ancient Egyptian art and its concept of Egyptian. Logic General probability Probability of target Probability of failure and success (probability distribution) presentation national high school, benin city. First term SSI scheme OF work dyieing AND bleaching week. . c.Writingfarmiliar words in coded form. WK 2: Uses of shapes and colours in basic design. First term SS3 scheme OF work physics The electromagnetic spectrum and dispersion of light Gravitational fields Electrostatic fields; capacitors Direct current circuits, resistance and resistivity Electrochemical cells,.M.F, internal resistance and circuits Principles of electrical measurations (shunts, multipliers, bridge circuits) Electrical work, energy and power;. First term SS2 scheme OF work literature Drama: The Blood of a Stranger Poetry: Vanity Poetry: Birches Poetry: The Dining Table Literary Terms second term SS2 scheme OF work literature The native son Prose Harvest of Corruption Drama Anvil and the Hammer Poetry Ambush Poetry.

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lculating and approximating to given significant figures. Sovereignty Democracy Political Culture and socialization. Logical reasoning: Simple and compound statements. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 1 Cor. WK 6: Nigeria art culture WK 7: Continuation WK 8: Embroidery WK 9: Arts of ancient West / African culture. Factors of production: Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneur Business organization (formations and types).