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pay at least.99 to participate in the bids, but allege they are left unhappy some having paid hundreds of pounds making unsuccessful bids; they say they have to sign up and buy credits to bid before they take part and begin to understand. Eventually the item was sold for.27, plus.99 postage. We clicked on the history of the MacBook Air auction while bidding was still going on and found that BBStunning had made an extraordinary number of bids: we counted more than 1,200. For example, bidders for a home cinema bundle with a recommended retail price of 3,269 had to use 12 credits for each 1p bid which, in our case, would have put the cost of each bid at 61p. In effect, they paid 81 more than they needed to and could also have avoided the hassle of having to join MadBid. Its true that if you do not win you get most of your money back to spend on closed bids.

He argued that MadBid was changing this. A video of a recent winner, posted on 1 December 2014, shows Corinna from Germany collecting a Nissan Qashqai, for which she paid 4,625. When we bid for the toaster, each bid cost us three credits.24p. Google Plus page where we have give-aways of 500 free credits for fun competitions and quirky surveys. Min odds/bet and payment method exclusions apply. Koski and Rovira, who both live in London, own.8m and.9m shares in Keyword Group respectively, making them the overwhelming owners. MadBid appears to make most of its money from failed bids.

MadBid says on its homepage that a buyer called ceylan paid just 193 for a Fiat 500 car, which normally sells for more than 10,000. This seems to be the most popular option to get a quick credit boost. In market/fixture combinations that only have two or three potential outcomes (for example Soccer Full Time Result where you have placed bets on more than one potential outcome, either pre-match or In-Play, only the outcome with your highest cumulative stake will count.

Each of those 1p bids cost around 5p, suggesting that MadBid took 184.25, plus the.27 final price. In total, it would have earned around 14,000 from bids on the MacBook if, like us, everyone was charged 35p each time they raised their bid. In the example of the Kenwood toaster, MadBid said the RRP was.99, and the MadShop price was.99. Each 15p bid pushes up the price of the item in the auction by just. In a letter from its solicitors it said: Bidders purchase credits and use these to bid. Bets placed must meet certain conditions to count towards the release of your Bet Credits: Must contain at least one selection at odds of 1/5 (1.20) or greater. But on the UK site the very same Brian says that he bought the iPad for.40, and on the Irish site it shows that he paid.40 (24.81). Now for the extra credits you can get on MadBid, here are just 5 different places but for the most recent credit give-aways make sure to check MadBids social media channels. We cant be absolutely certain how much MadBid earns when it sells an item, but the Kenwood toaster example suggests it is extremely profitable. We admit we have been neglecting the little daily free credit treats in the. But the items are overpriced, eg a George Foreman grill that you can buy on Amazon for 20 less. In a statement from its solicitors, MadBid said BDO inspected invoices, ensured funds were paid to the dealerships, and were able to marry up the name of the successful bidder with the vehicle.

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