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it just won't die. "Right-brained" people are analytical. Elias Levy/Flickr You often hear sharks can breathe only when swimming pushes water over their gills. In 2007, they moved to rural Alabama to be closer to family, buying a house on five acres for 190,000. Sources: Business Insider, Vegetarian Resource Group, FDA, NY Trappers Forum 8/ myth: Organic food is pesticide-free and more nutritious. Now 61, he's a year away from being able to claim Social Security and so far, so good. Sources: Business Insider, Psychology Today 60/ myth: The bigger your brain is, the smarter you are.

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Most asteroids are heaps of rubble to begin with, so a powerful blast would probably just break everything apart further (a bad idea if you're trying to save the planet). However, some researchers think a well-directed, smartly designed nuclear attack could irradiate an asteroid's surface, vaporize some of the rock, and shoot off gases that'd push an asteroid on off-course. Source: Business Insider ( 1, 2 " Fat Chance " 14/ myth: Sugar and chocolates are aphrodisiacs. Flickr / Frank de Kleine Studies on this turn up mixed results, at best. We choose not to censor skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric. This myth probably comes about because each animal sees colors differently than humans. The problem, however, with these types of scientific studies of the brain is that "In neuroimaging, there is no clear-cut sign of addiction Hisham Ziaudden, an eating behavioral specialist, told Levinovitz. From the International Space Station 250 miles up, you can see the wall and many other man-made structures.

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