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in fact. But if you stump up for the Elite loyalty card, youll get 10 per cent on games and accessories, four per cent on consoles, phones, and tablets, and two per cent on trade-ins. Its the first of many special PS4 bundles to come. The second is a white version of the PS4 Pro bundled in with the game in a half blue, half white box. However, in November 2017, around a year after the Pro launched, there was a significant cut in price to the Pro, making it a viable alternative to the Slim for most. From a 350 RRP that has been consistent since it launched over a year ago, the price of the Pro falls to 300 with two AAA titles thrown in for good measure. Coins only last for one year before expiring.

PS4 Standard/Slim Tech Specs Console bops coupons Style Matte Black with two tier design Controller dualshock 4 wireless controller with integrated touchpad Storage Capacity 500GB Hard Drive, User Removable Expandable Cloud Storage Yes Cloud Streaming Yes from Gaikai, a cloud-based gaming service Required Internet Connection No Motion. August 2016 PS4 Slim and Pro officially announced Sony officially announce a revamp to their PlayStation 4 offering, with the original PS4 console being replaced with a more slimline version with the same specs and the Pro becoming the new top of the range model. November PS4 continues to sell strongly Despite passing its fourth birthday, the PS4 continues to put up impressive sales numbers. All this does is paint the company in a negative light and it honestly comes off as desperate. PS4 vs PS4 Pro which should I buy? July PS4 Revealed Following months of the usual speculation, Sony announces the PS4 console at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event in New York. Weve included a full breakdown of the technical specifications that differ between the Pro and base models below, but the key differences are: Improved visuals For most, the core added appeal of the PS4 Pro will come from the graphics. You can read a full breakdown of what sets the PS4 Pro apart from the Slim in the section below this one.

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