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a polygamous union shall lie with the husband. Note: Members of the Southern Cameroons National Council (scnc) are routinely arrested and charged with secession. Inconsistencies between the French and English Versions One of the main issues that the Cameroon Bar Association had with the bill that was debated in parliament was that there was a potential for "different interpretations of the same law shop disney coupon because the English version was poorly. Click here to download decree relating to the regulatory part of the Penal Code to define simple offences.

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Please enter a valid email address (ie: ). Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated. The penal code also prescribes sanctions for female genital mutilation, sexual harassment. Political Crimes The penal code includes a number of chapters with provisions that deal with what may be termed political crimes. Whoever rents a built or un-built property on the basis of a duly registered contract, owing two months rents, and who has not paid such rents or vacated the said property, one month after service of a notice to pay or quit, shall be punished. Click here to read or download the entire Penal Code in English (PDF). These are Community Service (Section 26) and Reparatory Sentences (Section 26-1) which entail the obligation, for the offender, to indemnify the victim within the period and under the conditions laid down by the court. It worth noting that the criminal defamation provision in the penal code has been used primarily against journalists and is therefore considered as being primarily a tool to muzzle universal cycles coupon code the press in Cameroon. May 16, 2018 08:23 AM by Michelle Malkin.