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active constituents. Read more, interested in eclectic and naturopathic research? When searching for these statistics we found a myriad of articles citing the same sources, as well as large fluctuations in the actual abandonment rates. Listrak in 2016 (retrieved Jan 9, 2017).50 according to, adobe in 2016 (retrieved Jan 9, 2017).80 according to, barilliance in 2016 (retrieved Jan 9, 2017).52 according to, saleCycle in 2016 (retrieved Sep 21, 2016).39 according to, barilliance in 2015 (retrieved Jan. Learn more about our full checkout research findings). These are largely unavoidable cart and checkout abandonments.

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WE start AND END with whole, RAW herbs. All of our products are formulated by a naturopath physician. In fact, many of them can be fixed purely through design changes. Share on: Abandonment rate statistics:.60 according to, saleCycle in 2018 (retrieved Jun 20, 2018).40 according to, abandonAid in 2017 (retrieved Jun 20, 2018).90 according to, saleCycle in 2017 (retrieved Jun 20, 2018).00 according. 69.89 average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate. We start by growing herbs on our 90 acre certified organic farm, and then use freeze-drying to remove only the water. And again, this is just 1 of the 134 documented causes for checkout usability issues. Now, our large-scale checkout usability testing shows that an ideal checkout flow can be as short as 12-14 form elements (7-8 if only counting the form fields). Know of any cart abandonment statistics not on this list? Then send an email. However, if we segment out this just browsing segment, and instead look at the remaining reasons for abandonments we get the following distribution: Unlike the just browsing segment, a lot of these issues can be resolved.

The end product is the whole herb in its original form still raw, intact, viable, and retaining the benefits of the fresh herb just as Mother Nature intended. Yet, our checkout benchmark database reveals that the average US checkout flow contains.48 form elements displayed to users by default. Eclectic Institute is devoted to researching and saving endangered herbs, and dedicates resources to growing many varieties of rare plants. Hood in the pristine Oregon countryside, our family owned 90 acre certified organic farm is a leader in organic farming practices, utilizing crop rotation, mulching, composting, beneficial animal and insect allies, as well the naturally occurring rich volcanic soil. What sets eclectic apart from others? Learn more about OUR process, our founder.

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