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look at the notes. They make the magic in a fragrance happen and keep it going and keep it lasting on the skin. Michael Schenker Friends Tour 2007.12.06 Michael Schenker is currently setting up a Concert Tour under the name - Michael Schenker Friends - playing almost all of UK's Rock Clubs (starting January 10th stretching as far as March) to shake up the ground for a major.

The skin smell changes with differnent peeks of fragance notes fusing and separating, pirouetting, playing hide and seek, giving suprise appearances as mystery guests during the long evolution on the skin. This will cause his In The Midst Of Beauty tour to be postponed until June-July. The new album is to be released in Spring 2015. Temple Of Rock Headlining Rock Of Ages Festival 2015.07.28 Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock will be headlining the Rock of Ages festival on the 1st August 2015. In October Michael Schenker will be touring the States with Leslie West and Uli Jon Roth under the name - 3 Guitar Heroes.