city base cinema coupons

check it out and support non-chain movie theaters. Please don't ghetto it up southsiders. Nice family atmosphere, white Castle nuff said, look out for the tour guide like carts for a ride frown the parking lot to the front entrance! Great place to watch at!

Unless you want staff to be rude to you only go when it's dead. We left it with the staff at the ticket counter - hope the owner finds it! Really nice, new, clean Great theatre. Busy night crappy customer service. Please log in with your Amazon account to continue. I love the comfortable seats and how clean it was! Let us know if we're missing any workplace or industry recognition Add Awards. Don't buy cotton candy from the candy factory machine don't work but movies pays you back that's a plus! Our new ice machines leaked out all of our CO2 so we weren't able to serve soda. Connect Your Amazon Prime Account, this showtime is available exclusively for Amazon Prime members. It serves beer and wine and they give out mints after the movie.