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of the korean WAR, the character drops out. BUD/S : Basic Underwater Demolition / seal training; being the initial phase of instruction and indoctrination for seal qualification. BIG green paradise : slang for a retirement village situated near a major military installation, where career track military retirees can associate with like-minded neighbors, and maximize their benefits by availing themselves of the nearby facilities setup for active duty servicemembers; also known as the. Used in the post-wwii era to call the members of armor and cavalry units into formation. Not a penny!" or possibly "No, no, not a six-pence." during the 1797 XYZ Affair barbed wire : twisted wire strands with spaced projections, used as a barrier or fencing, first patented in 1874; also spelled "barbwire" or "barbed-wire and sometimes called tanglefoot, devil's rope. See zero, bull'S-EYE; compare sight picture, peep sight, open sight, point-blank. Bangle : an ornamental wood or metal circlet that a woman wears at her wrist or ankle; originating as a closed ring of glass that was slid over the hand and worn on the arm armlet. Cf: slugfest, battalia, stour nb: Frederick the Great's mule attended many battles but learned nothing about war from them!; "War, war, / What's it for? See HIC, pyhooya, smoke 'n' mirrors, mushroom, compartmentalization. BIG black : common nickname for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

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Navy (BuMed) in 1842; the Army established a corps for nurses (ANC) in 1901, and the Navy accepted nurses in 1908; the medical branch also includes dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, and other specialists bone dome : slang for the ballistic communications helmet worn by pilots and. Under the supposition that nature abhors a vacuum, and given the deplorable state of human character, this phrase presumes that a confirmed scoundrel or identified spy is better than an unknown or undetected opponent. Also, slang for a bunker, dugout, or other position fortified against indirect or aerial assault; also called "shellproof" or "shell-proof". Ety: the term 'cahoot meaning a nefarious conspiracy in cahoots with derives from cabin or hut, as in shared partnership, in the same way that 'comrade' kamara is related to being billeted together; its connotation of illegality is secondary to its denotation of partner. Bumble bomb : see doodlebug. Nb: the 'Stokes' eponym is properly spelled without the possessive apostrophe nb: wickerwork baskets coupons for sprint iphone 6 of reed or osier, due to being lightweight and disposable, were widely used before wwii to transport corpses to morgues and mortuaries basketball : a pyrotechnic illumination flare dropped from any.