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friend who ran the car dealership is badly cut when he's driven through a window. The entities Sonny and Val create to attack the Mindmorphs include Lawyer-Friendly snap light coupon Cameo versions of Astrix and Obelix, King Kong, and Godzilla. In "The Hyperion Empire unit helicopters use " Bigglesworth (Number) " as call signs.

No Celebrities Were Harmed : The "Wolf Pack" in "Gangland who are clearly the Rat Pack (specifically Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis.) with chuck e cheese eastgate coupons slightly different names. Played completely straight throughout with Matrix's leg and abdomen wounds, suffered after a being a little to close to a live grenade. Deliberate Values Dissonance : In "Music Man walk-on people in the club are visibly horrified and disgusted to see that the Chinese-American Cindy and the black Roscoe are in a relationship. In "Hacked the Doctor takes Rose and Jack to the Eye of Orion and notes that it looks " like Wales ". Twelve doesn't recognise him, implying that this is going. Perhaps there is, after all, a purity in darkness.

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